Best Juicer: Omega J8006, J8005, J8004, J8003 Masticating Juicer Review

Is the best juicer an Omega juicer?

At Juicing for Men you will find two juicing buying guides. These guides help you cut through the jargon and decide which juicer is right for you. See, “Buying Your First Juicer,” and “Buying the Best Juicer.” We also reviewed the brand of juicers used in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. See, “Breville Juicer Reviews.”

We have made hundreds of gallons of juice in a wide variety of juicers. We have performed juicing tastes tests. We’ve given the, “What is the best juicer?” question a lot of thought.

The best juicer is: The Omega J series of juicers. I personally use the Omega J8006 juicer. It is simply amazing and is the best purchase I’ve made (in any category) in 2012.

What makes the Omega J8006 so great?

The Omega J8006 is what’s known as a masticating juicer - a member of the “slow juicing” family. A masticating works by grinding fruits and vegetables with an auger. The auger moves at approximately 80 RPMs. (Breville and other centrifugal juicers move at up to 10,000 RPMs.) Because the auger moves more slowly, the juice doesn’t oxidize as much and tastes much fresher.

You run the vegetables or fruit through the chute. The auger slowly spins, squeezing juice from one end and ejecting the pulp from the other.

(Juicing kale with the Omega J8006.)

The auger moves at 80 or so RPMs. Because the auger moves more slowly, it extracts more juice from the produce. You will absolutely get higher yields from the Omega J8006 than from centrifugal style juicers.

Does Omega J8006 juice taste better? Yes. Juice from an Omega juicer tastes better because the juice goes through less oxidation.

Oxidation is what happens when a fruit or vegetable is exposed to oxygen. When you slice an apple in half, you’ll notice it browns. (Add lemon and limes to prevent oxidation.) A centrifugal juicer makes thousands of cuts in an apple, thus leaving more surface area exposed to oxygen.

How long does the Omega J8006 Take to Clean? Two or three minutes. It’s easier to clean than centrifugal juicers because the screen is much smaller. I’ll be doing a separate post on cleaning the Omega juicers.

How long does it take to juice with the Omega J8006? It takes longer than a centrifugal juicer. Hey, it’s called a “slow juicer” for a reason. But once you factor in reduced clean-up time, it’s a wash.

Best juicer

Is the Omega J8006 better than the Omega VRT350? No. They are different juicers but both of them are the best juicers you can buy. When comparing a VRT350 to a J8006, you can only decide that one of those juicers is “first among equals.”

I personally lucked into a J8006. It was given to me as a gift. Otherwise I’d still be agonizing over whether to buy a VRT350 or J8006.

Can you afford an Omega J8006? $299 is a lot of money. A causal juicer probably shouldn’t buy an Omega. A causal or newbie juicer should go with the Consumer Reports best buy juicer.

Buy an inexpensive juicer at first. If you don’t like juicing, then sell the inexpensive on Craigslist. You’ll be out only a few bucks; big deal. Only buy a high-end juicer if you’re serious about juicing.

If juicing is for you, then you absolutely can afford an Omega juicer. I might even say that you can’t not afford an Omega.

Using kale, we performed a yield test using a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer, a Breville Juicer, and the Omega J8006. The Omega J8006 yields over twice as much kale juice as the Breville and about 50% more than the Hamilton Beach.

I juice around $15 worth of kale, collards, and other leafy greens each week. With the J8006, I’ll get the same amount of green juice from $7.50. That’s a 50% return on my investment.

The machine will have paid for itself after within 9 months.

If you consider juicing a fixed cost, my Omega Juicer will actually earn me money. After 40 weeks it’s paid for. Thus each week is $7.50 in profit gained from cost savings.

The J8006 has a 15-year warranty.  Over the course life of the machine, the Omega juicer will have earned me over $5,500.

Now maybe I won’t juice every day. Maybe I’ll lose some days with the machine when sending parts off to be replaced. The numbers won’t be that clean.

I can confidently say that my $299 Omega will save me thousands of dollars – which, again, is savings from money that was already going to be spent. In economic terms, I earned thousands of dollars.

Maybe this post should have been titled, “The Economics of Juicing”?

Save Money by Buying the Omega J8004. The Omega J8004 has a 15-year warranty. It’s the same machine as the J8006. It just comes in white rather than chrome. Save $40 by not caring about the color of your juicer.

What is the difference between the Omega J8003 and J8005 and the Omega J8006 and J8004?  They are the same machines save for two material differences:

  • The auger is J8006′s auger is 8 times stronger;
  • The J8006 is covered by a 15-year warranty; the J8003 is covered by a 10-year warranty.

The Omega J8003 (here) has a 10-year warranty. You save some cash up front but sacrifice five years of the warranty. The Omega J8005 (here) is the same as the J8003; it just comes in chrome

One last tip, if you’re going to order an Omega single-auger masticating juicer, double-check your order. Why didn’t Omega number the juicers sequentially? It would make more sense to say: the J8003 and J8004 are the same but for color; the J8005 and J8006 are the same but for color. That’s not what Omega did, however. Instead the J004 is the same as the J8006, and the J8003 is the same as the J8005. Man, that really is confusing!

Keep juicing!

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26 thoughts on “Best Juicer: Omega J8006, J8005, J8004, J8003 Masticating Juicer Review

  1. Another excellent post, man. Perfect since I have been trying to decide on a VRT350HD for a couple months now. Now you’ve got me checking out the j8006 again. I had dismissed it earlier on because I saw some videos where it had a lot of trouble juicing apples & pears. Any opinion on this? I have a waring pro centrifugal juicer right now, & clean up is my biggest frustration. Good to hear clean is easier with masticating juicers.

    • There’s so much competing information about “jucing x-item in a juicer.”

      My friend wanted to throw his VRT350 up against a wall. Now he loves it and we half-joke about buying Norwalks.

      A quality juicer is a pretty elaborate piece of equipment. It just takes time to get used to them. A lot of complaints are made while a person is moving up the learning curve.

      I have heard, though, that if you are going to juice more fruits than leafy greens, the VRT350 is the machine for you.

    • I just threw a green apple into my Real V8 Juice. It went swimmingly.

      The only issue I could see with an apple is that you must slice it into small pieces. As the chute size of the Omega J8006 is smaller, you can’t put in quarters of apples. You need to slice the apple into 1/6th or 1/8th.

      • I made applesauce a couple weeks ago (90 apples used) and the machine looked very similar to the first picture. Of course, I had to mention that to the people I was making the apple sauce with.

    • I have the same centrifugal juicer, I hear you is a pain to clean it, my friend has the j8003 I tried it for few days, I loved except for the month, I was afraid to brake it, had to cut the apples ready tiny :(
      Then after weeks trying to find the best juicer I bought the Omega 350, what a waste, that is not even a juicer it purée my fruits and vegetables, I had to add orange juice to straight to juice, the juice was still so thick for my kids to drink it :(
      I will return it, hopefully I can get the J8006 I rather to spend time cutting that straighing juice (no need to clean more)
      Good luck with that!!

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  3. I’ve really enjoyed my Omega 8004. I purchased the 8004 instead of the VRT350 because I juice a lot of leafy greens, a lot of kale, which I’m able to simply feed into the 8004 without chopping. I do have to chop apples, etc. into smaller slices but I don’t mind.

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  6. Can you do a post about cleaning the Omega J8006? I wash mine with dish washing liquid and I notice that the part of the auger turns lightish green amber. I wonder why. Thanks.

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  8. I bought the VRT350 first, and returned it because the clean up time was a lot longer, and I wasnt too thrilled with the output
    Then I bought the 8006, cleans in less than 5 minutes, yes you do have to cut the produce, but I am ok with it. It is the best juicer I have had.

    As for one comment about thick juice, it doesnt happen if you use the screen to filter out the last bit of pulp. I dont do this but I know friend who do

    Good luck

    • Thanks for the feedback. The VRT350 is self-feeding, which is cool. I am really happy with my J8006, though, and don’t need to “upgrade.”

  9. Just stumbled across this post. Awesome review of the Omega. I like that juicer a lot too and personally prefer the masticating version over the VRT.

  10. When I first starting juicing ( new VRT350 ) I would get ~ 4 1/2 cups from a set weight of assorted veggies…a fairly good yield.
    I used the juicer several times a week and after a few months I barely get 3 1/2 cups from the same set weight. Nothing appears
    to be worn or in need of replacement. I contacted Omega several times but they refuse to reply and offer any advice or assistance.
    It appears they can’t be bothered..their customer support is non existent. That in itself should tell you to stay away from this product.

  11. I love my Omega as well. I wasn’t sure whether to buy the 8005 or the 8006 but ended up going for the 8006 because of the new auger. I found a review with a comparison between the two if anyone is not sure which one to get. PS I haven’t used the VRT.

    • the one thing that needs more attention is the fact that the 8006 is NOT a uni-tasker. the 8006 can make peanut butter (or other nut butters), extrude dough or pasta, and can even grind coffee beans. can the other loud, clunky, and difficult to clean juicers do that? nope

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  14. does anyone have a great idea on how to use the dry portion in the container? It seems wasteful to throw it away?

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