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  • Bill says:

    I recently Just got into juicing, after a lot of reading online message boards, forums and such. first thing was to pick a juicier. I heard a lot of good things about the Breville juicers. I ended up getting the breville 800 jexl juice fountain elite 1000 watt. I ordered it , it arrived 2 days later,Man this thing looked like a piece of surgical equipment, stainlees steel,very solid, had some weight to it.I was impressed with the construction of this machine.Now it was time to try this baby out ,I ran down to the local produce stand picked my fruit and vegitables. I read the users manual for a minute or two. now it was time to fire this beast up.. First i stuck 5 large carrots in at one time within 3 seconds they were devoured. ‘like cookie monster on steroids NOT ONLY DID IT LOOK IMPRESSIVE, “THIS THING IS A BEAST”. Needless to say this thing was awsome. My first recipe was (1 grouping kale) (1grouping celery) 1 cucumber, 1 Lemon ,1 green apple, 1″of ginger root, tasted better than I thought it would. I drink 32 oz every day for lunch . This is my favorite, I drink, 1 pint every morning. 2 beets, 1/2 lemon, 3 large carrots,1″ ginger root. This drink is “The Bomb. Out of 10 or 20 combinations of fruit and vegi. I experimented with This is by far the best tasting beverage. Well tjts my take. Hope this info helps. Peace Bill

  • Faegli says:

    How long can I keep juice in the fridge for so? What about freezing? If I make a week’s worth of juice at once, should I freeze it all right away and the thaw periodically, or is it okay to have some of it in the fridge for a day or overnight?

  • quinn alston says:

    where are the articles? i see topics but no info

  • Seth Hoover says:

    Same here, need to know if I can store my left over juice in the fridge and drink at a later time. How long will the juice last until it doesn’t do any beneficial health, not fresh etc, loses of nutriants etc etc….

  • MK says:

    How many kcals does juice typically have? I know it depends on what you use for juicing, but could you give approx range. Also, is 1l everyday too much?

    • Fit Juice says:

      Fruit juice is going to have far more calories than green juice.

      As a general rule, juice as many leafy greens and water rich vegetables as possible. Use as little fruit as possible. Fruit is mainly used to naturally sweeten the juice. Green leafy vegetables and water rich vegetables are the best to juice with.

      My juices average around 140 kcals per 1/2 liter (16 ounces here in the States). Kale juice is incredibly low in calories (maybe 5-10 kcals per ounce) and my juices tend to be very heavy in kale.

      8 ounces of carrot juice is around 95-100 calories. I just had an 8 ounce glass of pure carrot juice.

      A liter of juice a day is an excellent amount of juice, assuming you are using a lot of water-rich vegetables like celery and cucumbers. If that’s all apples and pears, that’d be too much.

      I personally consume between 16-32 ounces of juice a day. It varies. When I’m juicing carrots and kale, about 16 ounces is good. When I’m juicing cucumbers and celery, then 32 ounces is about right.

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