UFC Fighters and Professional Athletes Who Juice

When people hear the words juice and professional athlete, anabolic steroids come to mind. Not all juice comes in a needle, as the current greatest professional fighter (and potential all-time greatest) Jon “Bones” Jones demonstrates. Although Jones’ nickname is Bones, perhaps he should change it to Juice.

Jon Jones is a Juicer

“I think you feel it instantly – like a head rush.” – Jon “Bones” Jones on juicing.

Any guy relucant to juice for fear that only women do it should take a look at this.

Tito Ortiz is Another Juicer

“I also learned that a lot of good energy comes from juicing. I use the Jack Lalanne juicer and mix spinach, carrots, celery, garlic, ginger, apple and lemon. I drink 32 ounces, three times a day. It burns all of the fat out of my body and I lean out really quick. I think people will notice a difference in this fight, versus my last three fights, as to how lean I will be.” – Tito Ortiz on juicing.

(Might we humbly suggest that Ortiz get a better juicer like a Breville or Omega?)

Tito Ortiz Highlight Video

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