Juicing eBook Affiliate Opportunity (Earn a 50% Commission)

Get paid to promote juicing.

When you affiliate market a juicing ebook, you are putting your reputation on the line. If you advertise a subpar product to your readers, clients, or customers, they will view you as lacking credibility. Fortunately for you, the Juice Power series of ebooks are the best books on juicing available.

The Juice Power ebooks have sold extremely well. Feedback has been unanimously positive.

Positive reviews for Juice Power have been pouring in.

  • “Mike has created a tremendous resource in Juice Power.” – Manny S.
  • “Put simply, if you seriously want to get into juicing, you need to check out Fit Juice Trilogy. There’s no other collection of books out there that explains juicing so thoroughly, right down to the scientific evidence of its effectiveness.” – Matt F.
  • “I purchased your juicing e-books. I think it is a Hell of a deal. I can tell you put a lot of work into them. Good Stuff.” – R.T.
  • “I shared your juicing books with my parents.” – M.D.

How much will you get paid for affiliate marketing Juice Power?

You will be paid a 50% commission for each ebook you sell. (There was a glitch on the sign-up page saying the commission was only 25%. The commission is 50%.)

Which page should I link to when promoting Juice Power?

There are two separate sales pages.

Danger and Play page: This page is for a male and/or female athletic audience. The tone is a bit more aggressive and focuses on the athletic benefits of juicing.

If you know someone (male or female) who is already fit, this page is the one you can link to.

Fit Juice page: This page is for a female and/or health-oriented audience. The page focuses more on the health and wellness benefits of juicing.

If you know someone new to juicing, this page is the one to link to them.

BONUS: There is a lot of ignorance about juicing. If someone has heard that “Juicing makes you fat and will give you diabetes,” and other such nonsense, send him or her to: 10 Most Common Arguments Against Juicing – Debunked!

How can you sign up to affiliate market a juicing ebook?

It takes around five minutes to sign up to make money affiliate marketing a juicing ebook.

If you already have an e-Junkie account, click here. Again, the commission is 50%. You’ll be paid every 30 days.

BONUS: Here are some banners you may use to promote the Juice Power ebooks. You may use those images on your website or social media account when promoting the Juice Power ebooks.

If you do not already have an e-Junkie account, click here for simple, step-by-step instructions.

Thank you for your interest!

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