How Many Ounces of Juice are in Kale?

Kale is an amazing superfood to juice. Kale doesn’t have any sugar in it. It’s concentrated green juice from nature that has been proven to improve skin texture and help fight cancer.

Although I usually throw some kale into every juice, I never performed a “yield test.” A yield test is when you weight produce, throw it into a juicer, and then see how many ounces of juice you got from a given amount of kale.

Using my Omega J8006 juicer, here’s what I did:

  • I bought a bundle of kale at the grocery store.
  • I weighed the bundle, which almost 3/4 pounds (or 12 ounces) on the dot.
  • I rinsed the kale and then shook all of the water off, to prevent droplets of water from exaggerating the yield result.
  • I ran the kale (leaves and stems) through my Omega juicer.
  • Since the kale pulp was extremely dry, I only ran the kale through the juicer once. (With the Omega juicer, you can run “wet” pulp through it more than one time to maximize your yield.)

How many ounces of juice did I get from 12 ounces of Kale?

Twelve ounces of kale yielded 6 ounces of kale juice. (Although the foam goes above the 6 ounce mark, I only counted the green juice in my results.)

So to answer the question, “How much juice is in kale,” is that there is approximately 1 ounce of juice in every 2 ounces of kale. I ran the same yield test a couple of other times and got the same results.

The kale pulp was extremely dry, and all that was left over was cellulose. The green goodness has all been extracted.

If you have a juicer, it’d be fun if you’d do a yield test of your own. After rinsing the kale, be sure to dry it off so that extra water doesn’t bias the results.

What juicer do you have and how many ounces of juice did you get out of your kale?

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