Omega VRT350 Review

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Is an Omega VRT350 the best juicer? What are the pros and cons of juicing with an Omega VRT350? Read our Omega VRT350 review to learn more. The Omega Juicer company offers several masticating juicers (also called cold-pressed juicers) in its product line. Omega makes top quality juicers that are backed by a lengthy warranty and are built to last. We previously reviewed the … [Read more...]

Which Breville is the Best Juicer?

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Are Breville juicers the best juicers? After all,┬áBreville is the market leader in juicers, having a 20% market share. In other words, 1-in-5 juicers have a Breville juicer. I have used each Breville juicer and want to share my thoughts with you. Breville makes three juicers: Compact Juice Fountain; Juice Fountain Plus; Juice Fountain Elite. Breville juicers rose … [Read more...]

Best Juicer: Omega J8006, J8005, J8004, and J8003 Masticating Juicer Review

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Is the best juicer an Omega juicer? At Juicing for Men you will find two juicing buying guides. These guides help you cut through the jargon and decide which juicer is right for you. See, "Best Juicer Under $100," and "Buying the Best Juicer." We also reviewed the brand of juicers used in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. See, "Breville Juicer Reviews." We have made hundreds of … [Read more...]

Best Juicer? What is the Best Buy Juicer?

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Buying the best juicer will provide you with many benefits. Juicing offers many health benefits. Professional athletes like Jon Jones juice in order to recover from demanding workouts. Celebrities like Martha Stewart juice in order to improve their overall health and emotional well being. (Making pumpkin juice with the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain.) Regular … [Read more...]

Buying Your First Juicer

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There are several different types of juicers. There are┬ácentrifugal, masticating, single-gear, and singer-auger juicers. There are juice presses. There are dozens of juicers and you can go on message boards to debate which is better. Juice people remind me of BMW owners. They'll argue forever over the most trivial details. The debate is stupid. Your first juicer needs … [Read more...]