Beet Juice is Best Pre-Workout Juice

As everyone from endurance athletes to UFC champion Jon Jones have been drinking beet juice, I did some experiments of my own.

I’ve created the best pre-workout juice.

The Blood of Life

  • 4 carrots
  • 1 beet
  • 2 lemons
  • 1/2″ ginger

(If that’s too tart, add an apple.)

Beets are rich in nitrates, a vasodilator. My pumps in the gym have been insane.

I add a cocktail to my juice. Since your capillary system is wide open due to the beet juice, the supplements are better able to get into your muscles.

Blood of Life Workout Cocktail

Some guys (Fly Fresh and Young comes to mind) really love beta alanine. You could also add a couple of grams of citrulline malate.


I personally buy all my supplements in powder form. Just throw them into the juice, shake it up in a blender bottle, and rock ‘n roll.

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  1. Hans says

    Nice. Has this completely replaced your pre-workout (no-xplode, shotgun, jacked, etc)? I really like preworkouts, but I hate the artificial (and chemically?) feel of a lot of them.

    • admin says

      Yep. I used to use NO Shotgun and NO SyntheSize. Those are great products that I recommend to friends. Like you, I wanted to move away from artificial sweeteners. Now I just juice.

  2. says

    I’ve just finished downing a concoction of beet, celery, kale, and lemon and I’m about to go work out. This is my first workout after getting a juicer and trying some beets, so I’m anxious to give it a go and see what the effects are.

    BTW, any reason for carrots over celery, vitamin wise? Is it just a preference or is there more of a benefit to it?

  3. dc1000 says

    i’d say that the improvements won’t be noticeable right way. i’ve been juicing for a few weeks (couple of months?) and what I notice is a progressive feeling, not something like a sudden impact.

    i do, however, notice when i miss a day.

    i seem to juice a lot more than you guys. today i have like 1lb of beets plus their greens, bunch of celery, green apple, pear, cucumber mix – yielded me about 6 cups (48oz).

    i will drink that shit down with either bcaa alone or protein powder with bcaa to break fast at around 2pm.

    beet juice does seem to very popular right now

    • FitJuice says

      I do 32-64 ounces a day.

      I am thinking of doing, one day each week, skipping the evening meals and doing a full 128 ounces.

  4. IronandDrugs says

    If you workout first thing in the morning (0400) and would like to juice carrots beats etc. the night before, any recommendations for storage overnight? Freezing wouldn’t work because it would talk too long to thaw.

    • FitJuice says

      Flash freeze the juice for 1-2 hours then thaw overnight.

      How do you flash freeze juices?

      Put them in glass ball mason jars.

      Wrap a wet paper towel around it.

      Put into freezer.

      You don’t need it to freeze completely solid. Just mostly solid.

      Then it’ll thaw overnight in the fridge.

      • aaron grooms says

        Ok, I am new to juicing so this is all great info for me. I was asking cause of the testosterone boost from onions but I appreciate your help! Thanks.


  1. […] It also is because beets improve blood flow throughout the body. Through a chain reaction, the body converts the nitrates in beet juice into nitric oxide, a compound that enhances blood flow. Nitric oxide is also the most common used ingredient found in pre work out supplements. (Yes, you can use beet juice as a safe alternative pre work out drink.) […]